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This article's contents are affected by the informal confidentiality agreement between the 1.3 patch team and its developers. No information that is not already public knowledge is contained within, and none may be added.

1.3 Project
Formed: September/October 2001

The 1.3 Patch Project is an unofficial patch project run by Nathan Mates and Ken Miller in order to provide updates, repairs and improvements to Battlezone II. Since its inception in fall 2001, it has provided several major changes to the way the game functions, content additions, graphical upgrades and modding utilities.

Releases Edit

Current Contributors Edit

The 1.3 patch project is run using a prototype-heavy model which produces both private and public beta patches. As only Mates and Miller have access to the game's source code, they alone are able to make programming changes; in order to decrease their own workload, they have formed a group of community members who act as testers.

Developers Edit

1.3 is developed by Nathan Mates and Ken Miller, two former Pandemic employees who worked on the original game. In recent years Miller has contributed less to 1.3, preferring instead to devote his time to the Battlezone 1.5 patch.

Testers Edit

The 1.3 Test Team is responsible for testing private releases of the 1.3 patch, attempting to track down issues with the patch before it reaches public release. This often involves testing changes that are particularly radical, so long-standing community members with an in-depth knowledge of the game are preferred. Testers are also responsible for submitting changes for assets in order to decrease Mates' workload; these changes are then vetted by the team at large before being pushed to the public.

Other Edit

Despite not being involved in the project, Carey Chico provided the contents of the Music Pack.

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