The 2.2.31 patch was an update for Battlezone 98 Redux and Red Odyssey. It was released as an open beta on Steam on February 10th 2017,[1] before being released through Steam and GOG Galaxy on March 28th.[2] GOG's installers were finally updated on April 7th.

Major Changes Edit

A changelog was released on April 7th with the GOG installer update. It lists a number of significant changes, including large performance increases, new multiplayer infrastructure, stability improvements and fixes, and a number of new features including the addition of multiplayer mods and custom campaigns.[3]

Performance Edit

  • Performance optimised
  • VRAM requirements decreased
  • Shadows improvsed
  • HDR and bloom improved

Multiplayer Edit

  • New multiplayer infrastructure independent of Steam and GOG
  • Added password game protection
  • Locked, launched and full games now visible from browser
  • Indication for locked and full games
  • Players can no longer kick themselves
  • Added filetype whitelisting to allow use of mods in multiplayer

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Fixed various random crashes.
  • Fixed some network connection issues
  • Fixed grey lightning on Great Pyramid.
  • Fixed lightning colour.
  • Fixed AI wandering off map when interrupted by a sub-task while following a path.
  • Fixed Io emissive texture.
  • Fixed it so the APC cannot die during the cut scene.
  • Fixed being able to destroy the Launchpad.
  • Fixed a crash during cut scenes.
  • Fixed lighting changing during certain cut scenes.
  • Fixed Black Dog Scout and NSDF scout cockpit from sliding off screen.
  • Fixed units not decloaking when they lose a pilot.
  • Fixed objectives on first training mission.
  • Fixed cockpit for the Yeti.
  • Fixed collision with the rear of Hephestus.
  • Fixed Scale of Chinese Command unit.
  • Fixed Training Mission 4 now updates objectives as they are completed.
  • Fixed mission name not appearing on the mission briefing screen.

References Edit

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  2. Patch 2.2.301 is now out for Galaxy Users on
  3. Changelog on
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