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For the other NSDF fighter, see Striker (NSDF).
NSDF AMAS3 Air Striker
Avastr render
Faction: NSDF
Name: Air Striker

P cannon 1
P cannon 1

The Air Striker is a space and low-atmosphere NSDF fighter craft similar to the Striker units, designed as a heavier counterpart of the American version and a direct equivalent of the CCA model. Unlike the CCA Striker, which appears to have been designed as a multipurpose craft, the Air Striker seems intended to fulfill a heavier ground-assault role while its lighter cousin handles air-to-air combat.

Fate Edit

The introduction of aircraft to Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs was cancelled before the units made it into the game when the engine proved unable to handle their pathing and AI. All that remains of the unit is a single reference image.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • Though the notes on the Air Striker's reference image describe only two cannons beneath the wings, the image itself appears to depict an additional set on the tips. It is unclear precisely what these are.
  • The AS3 designation stands simply for "Air Striker 3".

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