Antenna Mound
Fbantm render
Faction: Scion
Name: Antenna Mound
Built By: Builder
Requirements: Kiln
Scrap Cost: 60
Scrap Value: 20
Health: 6000
Armor: Heavy

The Antenna Mound is the communication center of the Scion Collective, and allows the commander a satellite view of the area of combat. It can be upgraded to an Overseer Array once a Forge has been provided.

The Antenna Mound's first appearance is during the ISDF mission "The Wormhole". It appears right next to the Overseer Array Cooke is ordered to destroy, something which would be impossible during normal play.

Trivia Edit

  • The Greenheart Recycler Variant features an Antenna Mound with an adjustable view height of 50-450 meters.
  • In 1.2, the Antenna Mound would return 3 units of scrap when destroyed or demolished. This issue, presumably a hangover from when the game used a resource system similar to that of Battlezone, was fixed in 1.3.

Gallery Edit

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