Abbarr redux

Abbarr render

Faction: NSDF
Name: Barracks
Built By: Constructor

Scrap Cost: 8
Hit Points: 5000

The Barracks provides the NSDF with additional pilots.


Each Barracks constructed by the NSDF grants five additional pilots, up to a maximum of thirty. These pilots allow additional vehicles to be fielded, and will exit the building in order to commandeer nearby unmanned vehicles or board APCs.


Barracks are usually constructed close to existing production facilities at Geyser sites, where they can take advantage of existing defences. It is not uncommon for valuable ships whose pilots have been sniped by the enemy but not stolen to be towed back to base with a tug where they are less vulnerable so the Barracks can provide a new pilot.

It should be noted that the Mobile Unit Factory and Recycler each also provide five pilots, lowering the maximum number of usable barracks to four. In some situations it may still be beneficial to construct others to provide redundancy.

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