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The Battlezone 98 Redux Modding Competition was a Rebellion-organised competition inviting the community to develop and enter mods for the chance to win a variety of prizes.[1] The competition was announced, and entries were opened, on July 7th 2016. The entry period was to run for four weeks before entries closed for judging on August 4th, though this deadline was later extended by three days.[2] The winning mods were announced in a livestream on August 10th.

Prizes Edit

Prizes for first through fifth place were announced:

  • All five winners: A Steam or GOG key for Battlezone 98 Redux: The Red Odyssey, a Battlezone 98 Redux Community t-shirt, and a Rebellion Anthology Steam key
  • Fourth place: A Corsair gaming keyboard and mouse
  • Third place: An AMD CPU
  • Second place: An AMD GPU
  • Grand prize: An AMD gaming Laptop (initially announced as a Toshiba)

Additional prizes were teased for mods that catch the eye of the competition's organisers.

The rewarded prizes were ultimately slightly different to those announced:

  • All entrants: One Rebellion game
  • 1st through 10th: Battlezone 98 Redux Community t-shirt
  • 1st through 5th: Rebellion Anthology
  • Fifth place: Corsair keyboard and mouse
  • 4th through 2nd: AMD CPU or GPU
  • Grand Prize: AMD gaming laptop

Results Edit

Battlezone 98 Mod Competition Results40:30

Battlezone 98 Mod Competition Results

Competition results show

A total of 38 mods were entered into the competition using the "modcomp16" tag on the game's Steam Workshop.[3]. Three community members - Zoë Blanco, Anthony Hadley and Cameron Horton - were selected as experienced mod developers to act as judges alongside a number of Rebellion's staff. Each judge ranked their ten favorite entries, and these results were averaged to produce the final results:

Developer Entry
1st ScrapPool Burns' Rebellion
2nd Dee Rains Chicken Farm
3rd Michael Grigor Advanced Combat Training
4th système Japanese Rocket Tank
5th Sphelx Komodo Wireframe World, Wireframe Bomber, Wireframe grizzly skin
6th Frenchox Weapon Prototypes
7th Maziz Black Dog Elite Pilots
8th owenc3 More Realistic American Vehicles
9th Cuddlykitten MURICAN Pilot
10th Headcrab Addict The Space Race Ain't Over Yet

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