Battlezone Cartographer's Guild
Bzcg logo
Name: Battlezone Cartographer's Guild
Status: Defunct
Active: 1998-03-26 - 1999-09-09

The Battlezone Cartographer's Guild was a community group and associated website formed in March 1998 to forward the development of multiplayer maps for Battlezone. The group ceased to be active in September 1998, but its website remained up until November 2005.[1]

The group consisted of 18 members at its height, and the site hosted over 60 of the earliest multiplayer and instant action maps - many of which would later find their way into Battlezone: Battle Grounds. It also hosted a small collection of mapmaking utilities and tutorials - including MapAdder, its most famous product - and forums for designers and players.

Notable Members Edit

References Edit

  1. The Battlezone Cartographers' Guild, archived 2005-11-23

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