Once installed, Battlezone II creates a folder tree specifically designed to make it easier for users to edit its files. That structure is as follows:


The main installation directory, location of bzone.exe and bz2edit.exe and most .pak files. Referred to by .cfg launch files as @rootdir. Mods that contain the subfolders below will extract to this location.


The most common folder for use in development, addon is loaded after pak files. Files placed here will take precedence over those in other locations if they use the same name (if two files sharing a name are both in the addon folder, a Duplicate File Warning will result). Files in folders are loaded after loose files and in alphabetical order. As of 1.3 the addon folder is replaced every time a new version is installed. Old addon folders are still in the root directory, appended with the date of removal.


The data folder contains the binData folder, map data for Instant Action and Multiplayer and in-game movies. Some mods mistakenly installed to this directory in the past, and the presence of old mod files here can pollute 1.3 installations. The data folder should not be used by mod developers.


The binData folder contains MSH files created by the engine from user-created dotXSI models. It may be stored under My Documents\My Games\Battlezone II depending on the operating system and use of the /novista command line argument.


The extras folder contains additional contents not used by the game such as manuals, support and mod-related information.


Created by the 1.3 patch, the maps13 folder exists to relieve the confusion that led to mods installing to the data folder. It contains .bzn, .inf and .autoreg files introduced by the 1.3 patch, and mod developers are expected to install their own maps here instead of to data as had become common.


The missions folder contains mission scripts, which must be stored here (in .dll form) in order to be loaded by the game. Scripts stored elsewhere will not function.


The movies folder contains .bik files used for cutscenes.

Pilots and Saved FoldersEdit

The pilots and saved folders contain information on users' pilots and saved games. The saved folder is replaced in the same manned as addon every time a new version is installed, but the pilots are not.

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