The following is a brief discussion of the physical properties of biometal by Dee Rains, approximating its weight and mass from the information provided by the game.

What is the mass and volume of one unit (Ƀ) of Biometal?


	Average unit cost is 	8 scrap		(in-game values)
	Average unit weight is 	1750 kg 	(VDF data)
	Average vehicle chassis	800 kg		(online estimates)

Using this information, we can begin to find the mass and volume of a single unit of Biometal. Finding the mass is the easiest step so we'll do that first.

As we know that Biometal only makes up the outer layer of armour as well as some prefabricated weapon and engine components, we can go ahead and remove the mass of the vehicle's chassis from the equation.

	1750 kg - 800 kg = 950 kg = 0.95 tonnes

	950 kg / 8 scrap = 150 kg = 0.15 tonnes

Given this mass, we can now calculate the volume.

To do so, we must make some additional assumptions or else we'd be here all day. First off, we must assume that the average dimensions of a vehicle are that of the Grizzly, the most common 8 scrap unit in the game.

	Grizzy's dimensions: 2.74 m x 4.72 m x 6.62 m	(VDF data)

The Grizzly is, of course, not just a big box, though, so we'll better approximate it's surface area by treating it as an ellipsoid.

	S = 4π(((xy)^1.6 + (xz)^1.6 + (zy)^1.6) / 3)^(1 / 1.6)

	S = 67.88 m²

Using this, with the thickness of the armour given at 30mm (game manual) we find the volume of 8 units of Biometal to be 2.0364 m³, from which we can find the volume of a single unit of Biometal.

	2.0364 m³ / 8 scrap = 0.25m³

With this, we now have a fairy accurate idea of the mass and density of Biometal.

	Properties of Biometal

	Volume	per Ƀ	= 0.25 m³
	Mass	per Ƀ	= 150 kg
	Mass	per m³	= 9600 kg

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