For the real-world Red Odyssey manual, see Battlezone: The Red Odyssey Manual.
Black Dog Squadron
Field Briefing Guide
Blackdog Field Guide Reb
Date: 1970-02-03

The Black Dog Squadron Field Briefing Guide is a supplement to the revised edition of the NSDF Field Briefing Guide published for commanders of the Black Dog Squadron during their engagement with the CRA during the Red Odyssey and designed to brief them on their situation, armament and opposition. It was provided with a Support Unit Manual intended to provide further detail on those units it did not describe. Much of its included publishing information is retained from the original document, despite having been produced in the field.[1]

Details Edit

The Black Dog Squadron Field Briefing Guide provides information on technology specific to the Black Dog Squadron, which was thereby not included in the general NSDF version of the guide, including a report on Ganymede similar to those included in the Goldman report and technical readouts on ten Black Dog units including and nine CRA units. These readouts include the Red Devil and Yeren, which as they entered service during the Red Odyssey indicates that the document was updated as the situation progressed.

It was eventually succeeded by the ISDF Field Manual.

Discrepancies Edit

  • The guide's cover declares it to have been produced from Stewart Road in June 1969 like the original, but it refers to information that was discovered during the events of the Red Odyssey of 1970 and was known only to NSDF Command and members of the Black Dog Squadron under Commander Harris.


  • The included intelligence briefing is classified Eyes only to Commanders, meaning the protagonist of Dogs of War would not have legally been able to read it; indeed, the only member of the NSDF both able to read it and make use of its contents would have been Commander Harris. If the manual was created with the intent of disseminating it to lower-ranking members of the Black Dogs then the intelligence briefing was included illegally.

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