Arc Mine
Boltmine render
Faction: Olympian Council/Hadean Crown/Furies
Name: Arc Mine
Type: Mine

Ammo Cost: 0
Lifespan: 1e30 seconds (effectively infinite)
Range: 100m


The Boltmine, aslo called the Arc mine and Lightning mine, is an Olympian invention used to guard places of importance such as the Lemnos Factory. At some point the Hadeans copied and improved the design, creating the Fury Boltmine which delivered much more damage.


  • According to the information file for the boltmine, the Fury variety is more powerful than those used by the Olympians at Lemnos. Since there is actually only one kind of boltmine in the game, however, the mines seen at Lemnos will provide the same information when approached. This could lead to some confusion as the player has not yet encountered the Furies.

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