CRC code is an eight-character hexadecimal strings used for file verification. In Battlezone they are a major component of the asset-checking system that prevents players with incompatible or modified versions of the game from playing together. 1.5 exposed the resulting Game and Missions CRC codes to the player and displayed them in the multiplayer shell.

Game CRC Edit

The Game CRC is used to indicate asset differences between installations. It is calculated using the CRC of check.odf, then calculated the CRC of each file referenced therein using the previous CRC as a seed. Each .odf referenced would be followed immediately by a CRC check of the .vdf or .sdf gile with the same base name.

Mission CRC Edit

Mission CRC codes exist for checking for mismatch between different versions of the same map, and are calculated using the Game CRC as an initial seed. Prior to 1.5 only the .bzn, .hgt, .mat and .trn files would be checked, but thereafter checks would also be performed on .vxt, .trn, .hgt, .mat, .bzn, .odf and .lua files in that order, followed by checks of any additional dependencies declared in a mission's .dep file.[1]

List of Game CRC Codes Edit

Version CRC Code Update 1 ed74f447

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References Edit

  1. Ken Miller

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