Communication Tower

Abcomm redux

Abcomm render

Faction: NSDF
Name: Communication Tower
Built By: Constructor
Requires Power: Yes

Scrap Cost: 6
Hit Points: 2000
Range: Entire Map


The Communication Tower provides a connection to Sky-Eye, allowing commanders to view the entire combat area from a top-down perspective. Unfortunately this view does not reveal neutral or enemy units and structures that are not within line of sight or radar range of any allied forces, and connecting to the satellite will emit a radio signal strong enough to reveal the commander's location to other commanders on the field.

Trivia Edit

  • Initially, the player's craft was supposed to be highlighted only to themselves as a reference point. The current functionality was initially a mistake that the developers decided to keep.[1]
  • The original design of the Communication Tower is different from its final version in-game, although its original version is seen in the Battlezone Intro movie.

References Edit

  1. Constructor speed on

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