CCA Czar
Svtank render
Faction: CCA
Name: Czar
Built By: Unit Factory

Health: 3250
Ammo: 1500
Built Time: 10s
Scrap Cost: 8

P cannon 1 AT-Stabber
P cannon 1 Chain Gun
P mortar 1 Empty
P special 1 Thumper


One of the earliest vehicles developed by the Russians, the Czar is similar to a Grizzly, but slightly larger and better armoured and with more nano-ammo, less manoeuvrable and slightly slower. Also unlike the Grizzly, it does not come equipped with a mortar as standard.

Czars appeared on the battlefields of Luna, were heavily used during the surprise attack on Eagle's Nest One and continued to be commonplace as the war progressed.

Variants Edit

Enhanced Czar Edit

The enhanced Czar is encountered on Europa, and wields a much more powerful weapon loadout - SP-Stabber, Flash Cannon, Thumper and a Nav Mortar.

Capitan Edit

The "Capitan" variant carries no weapons. It is primarily useful in sniper matches, where it can be used for refilling ammunition as a CCA alternative to the Ram.

Strategy Edit

The Czar is the standard unit of choice for a CCA player to pilot. Being well-rounded, players often upgrade it to suit the conditions of the battle. Standard upgrades include dual SP Stabbers and a standard Mortar to deal with pilots. Czars are one of the more common units to be made from the CCA Unit Factory and are fairly effective in standard engagements against similar units due to its additional hull and armor. Like many units, Czars are ineffective against APC soldiers, and can be picked off quite easily by Golem walkers.

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