Da Bomb!
Name: Da Bomb!
Type: P special 1 Special

Damage: Extreme
Speed: Instant
Duration: 30s

It's Da Bomb!
Just make sure you know
what you're getting yourself into.

Da Bomb is one of the three Insane Weapons included in Battlezone II. It requires a Special hardpoint. An early version can be found in the assets of the Battlezone II Demo.


Once Da Bomb! has been planted a thirty-second countdown begins. When it expires the bomb creates a massive explosion which covers the entire map and destroys everything in its blast radius.

The infobox reading on the bomb itself is as follows:

It's Da Bomb!

When Da Bomb goes off,
there's nowhere to run,
there's nowhere to hide,
there's no way to survive.

Make sure it doesn't go off.


Deploying Da Bomb! is a double-edged sword; it will cause just as much damage to the side that deployed it as it will to the enemy. Its use is inadvisable in almost all situations; in Singleplayer and Instant Action situations scores are not tracked and it will simply lead to failure, and in Multiplayer it is inadvisable for the sake of fair play. That aside the only situation in which its use would be advantageous in multiplayer is when the side using it is already substantially ahead and wishes to end the match before the opposition can catch up.

If a Da Bomb! has been deployed, the only way to prevent its detonation (and the impending destruction of almost every object on the map) is to destroy it. On deployment it paints itself to the HUD of every player; provided one is a player close enough to reach it and destroy it before the thirty-second countdown has elapsed, preventing its detonation should be relatively easy due to the bomb's relatively low armor.

When deploying Da Bomb! it should be remembered that the bomb will instantly become the largest target on the map. Since the weapon uses Local Ammo you only have one chance; to this end it is wise to keep it well-defended to protect it from other players.

Damage ValuesEdit

Da Bomb! deals 1,000,000 units of damage over a 100,000 meter radius; enough to destroy every non-indestructible object on the map. As the damage is instant, ejected pilots will not be killed.

Weapon Damage vs Armor Damage vs Shield Overrides vs armor
None Light Heavy Deflection Stasis Absorption
Da Bomb! 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000

Appearances Edit

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