Name: FISHdotXSI
Date: 2002
Owner: Fishbone

FISHdotXSI, also occasionally written as fish.xsi, is a small site dedicated to information about and tutorials on the use of Battlezone II's dotXSI file format. It was originally created in 2002 as part of BZUniverse, but later moved to BZ2MD. As the name implies it was hosted, curated and primarily written by Tibor "Fishbone" Horvath.[1]


FISHdotXSI's largest and most important section is the Design section, which contains a variety of modelling tutorials suited to novice and advanced users alike. Its content varies from more complex matters such as scratch modelling in 3DS Max R3 and creating animations to simpler tasks like skinning and cut-and-paste modelling in BZ2ME. Of particular importance is Pastell's engine flame repair manual, which is still a frequent point of reference for experienced modellers today.

The second section is dedicated to information on the dotXSI file format, including notes on naming and referencing, the nuances of MSH conversion and a detailed analysis of the format. It also includes a note on editing MSH textures using the hex editor method discovered by Black Manatee.

The Tools section provides links to software used by other community members, including mainstays 3D Exploration, 3DS Max, BZ2ME and Pandemic Studios' MeshViewer. It also contains two tutorials on exporting dotXSI files from GMax by Greenheart and Slaor respectively.

Models, the site's fourth section, showcases work by Coxxon, Dog Soldier, Dutch Boy, Gus Man B, Lizard and Fishbone himself. Pages dedicated to models by Avatar and Bull Dog were intended but never created. Amongst this work is the Scion Rapier and Uler Walker, the Gorb Tank from Dark Reign 2 and the Ram, an evolved variation of the CRA Emperor.

AI Challenge Edit

In June 2002, FISHdotXSI hosted a modding contest focused on mission scripting. The objective was for the player to script one half of an AI-versus-AI battle on Chill such that their team would win two battles out of three against the current top AI team - at which point their script would replace it and other modders would be challenged to defeat it with their own AI teams.[2]

References Edit

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