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The subject of this article was cut from its media during its development and did not make it to release.

NSDF Flak and Chaff Launcher
Avflak render
Faction: NSDF
Name: Flak and Chaff Launcher

The NSDF Flak and Chaff Launcher was an anti-air emplacement designed by the NSDF to combat the Soviet Striker. Possibly similar in design principles to the Howitzer, it featured four cannon barrels that could only be fired when its STAB Hooks were deployed.

Fate Edit

When flying units were cut from Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs due to engine limitations, the Flak and Chaff launcher was made redundant. All that remains of it is a screenshot of an early model.

Notes Edit

  • Whilst "flak" simply means anti-aircraft fire, "chaff" refers to countermeasures against radar-guided missiles. How this would have worked in-game is unclear, as the CCA Striker does not weild any missile hardpoints.

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