Gun Tower

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Faction: NSDF
Name: Gun Tower
Built By: Constructor
Requires Power: Yes

Scrap Cost: 6
Hit Points: 5000
Range: 200m

The Gun Tower is the NSDF's primary method of base defence.


The Gun Tower is the NSDF's primary defensive structure, typically deployed at the perimeter of a base or in protection of scrap fields. By default the gun tower is equipped with a single Blast Cannon with unlimited ammunition, though it can be outfitted with other weapons by the Supply Launch Facility.


As with other defensive structures the NSDF Gun Tower requires a power source, so removing this is often the most efficient way to disable them. This holds especially true when one power source supplies multiple Gun Towers. If necessary, a direct attack on the tower is best done at range, ideally with weapons that outrange the tower's own or using indirect fire weapons such as the Standard Mortar. Some more powerful weapons, particularly the Rocket Bomb and Thumper, are able to disorient the tower enough to prevent it from firing - the latter going so far as to completely destabilise it for a few seconds.

It is also not unusual to see Gun Towers firing weak weapons such as the Standard Minigun, having had a weapon crate deployed to them by an opponent. Since the Supply Launch Facility is not capable of constructing a Blast Cannon powerup, it is impossible to fully re-equip a Gun Tower that has fallen victim to this - the best solution is to shoot the incoming crate down before it arrives. In previous versions Gun Towers could be rendered completely impotent by giving them the MAG cannon, though this was fixed by The Red Odyssey and the 1.5 Patch.

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