What little is known about the Hadean military has been either gleaned from artifacts or assumed based on connections with Greek mythology.

Hadean Cerberus Walker
Hbcerb render
Faction: Hadean Crown
Name: Cerberus
Built By: Unknown

Project FuriesEdit

The Hadean Crown's most infamous achievement, Project Furies was an experiment run by Nexus V to create a new strain of biometal in order to win the war against the Olympians. The production of the Furies began at the Styx facility on Venus, where Hadean scientists began the first successful merging of biometal and human genetics. As the war continued, the scientists developing Strain III were forced off of Venus by the Hercules Brigade, moving the production of the Furies to Lerna on Io. They established themselves on on the Jovian moon only to be attacked and defeated by the Hercules Brigade yet again, this time moving the project to Elysium where it was presumeably completed.

Once the Furies were unleashed upon the Olympian forces on Icarus, the sentient war machines turned on their masters and began attacking both sides indescriminately. Once a Fury factory was established on the Icarian surface, the Cthonians were left with no choice but to destroy their homeworld in order to stop the Furies.


Aside from the Furies, the Hadean military developed many other weapons of war that were used against the Olympian forces.


The Hydra units were dangerous walkers possessing seven cannon stalks, each mounted with twin laser cannons. When a stalk was damaged it was simply shed and replaced with two new ones. Hydra units were deployed at the battle of Lerna on Io, where they were defeated by the Hercules Brigade.


The Cerberus units were slow but powerful war machines that successfully guarded Styx from all attacks by the Olympian Armada. It was not until the Hercules Brigade was assigned to take Styx that the Cerberus units finally fell.


The Charon freighter was an automated vessel that harvested the bodies of fallen warriors from the battle fields of the Greeks. These bodies were then taken to Styx where their genetic material was used in the creation of Strain III's "Aggression factor". The fact that dead warriors were used for this experimentation as opposed to living ones suggests that even the Hadeans were not without conscience.


The weapons known to have been used/created by the Hadean military are the:

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