ISDF: A Secret History
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Date: 1999
Source:, ISDF Field Manual

ISDF: A Secret History appeared on and in the ISDF Field Manual. Like The History of Biometal Warfare, it was published in the form of an in-universe document; in this case, an informational produced by the Society for the Freedom of Truth (or an e-mail with attached transcript).

As a result of being composed from leaked information, much of the document's contents are misleading; Braddock's ploy in identifying the Scion Convergence as Furies is here taken as fact. This disinformation is often mistaken as an attempt to retcon elements of Battlezone's story.

Versions Edit

There were two versions of ISDF: A Secret History released. The first, which appeared on, contained no introductory paragraphs.[1] The second, full version appeared in the Battlezone II manual and included the introduction, formatted as an internal ISDF e-mail.[2]

References Edit

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