Commander Jason Bates[1], commonly referred to by the call-sign Grizzly One, was an NSDF officer who played a major part on the Biometal War.

Background Edit

Jason Bates had been among the best and the brightest officers in the U.S. Armed Forces prior to being enlisted with the NSDF. With no close surviving relatives and a complete and unequivocal commitment to the United States government, he was perfect for the secret organization. Bates' love for his country and the free world fueled his desire to fight the soviets in the Biometal War.

Narration Edit

Some time during the spring of 1971,[2] Bates recorded audio logs detailing the events of the combat, from the NSDF's arrival on Luna to the destruction of Achilles, including his own musings on matters such as the secrecy of the conflict and the Achilles meteor.

References Edit

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