Name: Unknown
Affiliation: CIA
For the artist, see Kino Scialabba.

Kino was the code-name of a CIA operative working undercover on Case 1752 with Rosas and Case Officer Chico.


In March 1956, Kino was working undercover in Kinostan, Siberia, where he had been sent to investigate a Soviet research and development facility believed to be working on biometal. There, he discovered that Russia had been developing fighting machines with the material that bore distinct similarity to those developed by Arkin Industries for the NSDF - and that the Soviets had been recruiting from their military elite to form a group whose name Kino translated as "Cosmo Colonist Army". Through infiltrating the plant, he was able to provide preliminary information on several CCA units, and it is likely he who provided the nicknames those units became known by.[1]


  • Kino is named after Kino ScialabbaBattlezone's art director.
  • The Battlezone Manual is compiled such that it implies Kino discovered and reported on the existence of the Golem, a unit which did not exist until approximately 15 years after Kino's report.



  1. Battlezone Manual, pgs 45-47

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