Lightning Power Plant

Ablpow redux

Ablpow render

Faction: NSDF
Name: Lightning Power Plant
Built By: Constructor

Scrap Cost: 7
Hit Points: 4000
Range: 100m

The NSDF Lightning Power Plant can provide electrical power to any buiding within 100 meters.


The Lightning Power Plant is the preferred form of power generator for use on Venus and Titan. It is more expensive than the Solar Power Plant and carries a greater amount of hit points in exchange.


This is the most efficient of the NSDF's power generators, providing almost 575 hitpoints per unit of biometal. Unfortunately, they make up for this with their sheer size - the Lightning Power Plant is one of the three tallest NSDF structures - though the thin stem is particularly difficult to hit while moving.

Its hitpoints mean the Lightning Power Plant does not need as much care as the its Wind or Solar equivalents, though it is wise to protect it regardless. If at all possible Gun Towers are better suited to this job than Badgers as their height allows them to, at least in part, physically shield the generator.

Lightning power actually works equally well on all worlds, regardless of their in-universe depiction. Unfortunately, it is extremely unlikely that the player will ever be given a choice of which generator to use.


Despite being entirely useless on planets with no atmosphere, and thus no weather, one lightning power plant is seen on Luna in The Playground.

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