Mods are user-created alterations of game assets thate create new behaviour or change the behaviour that already exists. Since both Battlezone and Battlezone II included built-in map editors, mods for both games are commonplace. The 1.3 and 1.5 Patches have made huge improvements to both games' accessibility to mod developers, further increasing the prevalence of mods for both games.


Maps, the simplest form of mod, can be developed easily for both games as a result of the included map editors. A finished map includes several files grouped under the same name, all of which are installed together in the addon or maps13 folder as appropriate. Battlezone II detects and loads new maps automatically, but Battlezone must be prompted using netmis.txt for multiplayer maps or, in the case of singleplayer maps, loaded from command line. Some more complex maps may include additional assets such as props and textures or new mission scripts. Multiplayer maps are often distributed in packs, typically modified so as to prevent conflicts between them.

Always-On ModsEdit

Always-on mods are a very distinct and recognisable type seperate from most other kinds of mod. Whereas most mods will cause Bad Assets if an attempt is made to join a stock multiplayer game with them installed, an always-on mod is designed to allow this to happen. Prior to 1.3 these typically only functioned on their own maps, but the introduction of Recycler Variants led to always-on mods becoming much more common.


Mini-mods are smaller works usually installed to the addon folder. They typically do not have any single-player content, but can contain a mission or two. They tend to consist mostly of new assets, typically in the form of additional units and weapons. Maps that include a significant enough amount of new assets (such as Call of the Wild) are occasionally considered to be mini-mods.

Full ModsEdit

Full mods, for want of a better name, are typically large and feature-rich enough to be expansions for the original games but for their nature as mods. These usually include a full singleplayer campaign, often with the addition of new factions or locations.

Community ProjectEdit

Over Battlezone II's lifespan, four attempts at community projects have started, but only one has truly succeeded. Community projects involve asset submission from across the community controlled by a small group of developers who comprise an "all-star" team from around the community.

Total ConversionsEdit

A total conversion makes so many changes to the game it is based on that almost nothing remains of the original. These are rare in the Battlezone community, as most mods typically attempt to expand the existing universe rather than attempting to work outside it, but few total conversions do exist.

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