Cvscav render
Faction: CRA
Name: Monkey
Built By: Recycler



Like other Scavengers, the Monkey roams the battlefield autonomously, gathering biometal left behind by destroyed units and buildings and returning it (in groups of three in singleplayer and six in multiplayer) to an allied Recycler or Silo for later use.

The Monkey is unarmed and one of the slowest CRA units, so providing a protective escort is advisable. Like the CCA Scavenger, it uses a claw to gather biometal and therefore cannot work as fast as its NSDF counterpart.

Chinese Red Army
Producers Recycler · Factory · Armory · Constructor
Utility Monkey · Ox
Defense Adder · Archer · Khan
Offense Mongoose (Weasel) · Yeti (Kaksha) · Naga · Dragon · Panda · Phoenix (Unix) · Emperor (Chancellor · Regent) · Yeren
Buildings Solar Power Plant · Lightning Power Plant · Wind Power Plant · Gun Tower · Barracks · Scrap Silo · Communication Tower · Supply Depot · Repair Hangar · Launch Pad · Pegasus Device
Events Red Odyssey
Locations Ganymede · Elysium

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