The Omega Star Port was a Martian base used by the Olympian Council.

Omega Star Port
Obstp1 render
Faction: Olympian Council
Name: Omega Star Port
Built By: Unknown

History Edit

The star port was an outpost of the Olympian Armada, used by the Olympians as the staging point for all missions launched by the Hercules Brigade. All intelligence regarding their missions was stored within the star port's Flight Log Database. During the Cthonian civil war, it became the final resting place of the Hephaestus.

After discovering the Star Port Relic the NSDF set out in search of the Omega Star Port in order to learn more about the Cthonians from its database. When they arrived, however, they discovered the CCA had already taken it and began a chase across the solar system to capture it.

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