Owner: Pandemic Studios

The now-defunct was the site of Battlezone II developer Pandemic Studios. Here, they hosted a significant amount of content related to both Battlezone and its sequel, including the twelve-part serial The History of Biometal Warfare. It is currently only available through backups and transcripts.

The Battlezone II section of the site was made out to appear as though the website had been hijacked by the Society for the Freedom of Truth. It was in this manner that ISDF: A Secret History and The History of Biometal Warfare were published.

Battlezone-Related Content Edit


  • Overview
  • ISDF Units
  • Scion Units
  • Worlds
  • Strategies

Story Edit

The story section of the site contained the website version of ISDF: A Secret History and The History of Biometal Warfare.

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  • Screenshots
  • Hi-Res
  • Concept

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  • Movies
  • Demos

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  • Discussion
  • Links

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  • The BZII Team
  • Insider Reports
  • Partners

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  • Online Press
  • Print Press

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