Power Generator
Faction: ISDF
Name: Power Generator
Built By: Constructor

Scrap Cost: 30
Hit Points: 3000

The ISDF Power Generator provides power to other buildings.


The Power Generator is the only power structure available to the ISDF, as advancements made since the Biometal War led to the development of power generators that can operate reliably in any environment. Rather than providing power to units within 100 meters, it can provide power to any ISDF structure on the map via power transmission by Baseplate or Relay Bunker.

The new advancements are not without cost; as the Geysers that powered production units during the Biometal War became rarer these facilities came to rely on power generators just as Gun and Satellite Towers did.


As so many of the ISDF base structures are powered by them, Power Generators are often the single point of failure at ISDF outposts. To this end they should be rigorously defended; even one fewer power generator than required will cause all powered structures in a base to fail. By the same token they are also an excellent primary target for attack, as their destruction will disable all enemy emplacements and prevent them from mustering any further defenses. In order to target this, redundancy is of critical importance; keeping multiple redundant power generators, preferably in separate banks, will prevent the destruction of a single generator - or multiple generators in the same attack - from disabling your forces.

Trivia Edit

  • A variation of the Power Generator with 5000 hit points exists, but is unused. The difference goes undeclared in-game, as its information dialog claims it has the usual 3000.

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