Avapc render
Faction: NSDF
Name: AAV6A4 APC
Codename: Rat Pack / Tracker
Vehicle Type: Armoured Personnel Carrier
Built By: Unit Factory

Health: 5000
Ammo: 0
Built Time: 10s
Scrap Cost: 5
Bvapc render
Faction: NSDF Black Dogs
Codename: Rat Pack / Tracker
Vehicle Type: Armoured Personnel Carrier
Built By: Unit Factory


The Rat Pack APC (also known as the Tracker) is well-armoured, but nonetheless vulnerable due to its lack of weaponry. The Rat Pack's functions are infantry transport and pilot recovery only. It should not travel without a formidable escort, especially when carrying personnel.

Although unarmed, the Rat Pack carries five infantrymen which can be used to attack lightly defended targets, or as a siege tool for quickly disabling enemy buildings. The troopers can cause heavy damage to buildings, being armed with weaponry far superior to that of a typical foot soldier, but still lack armor and thus are ineffective at punching a hole in enemy defences. Whilst the APC itself is heavily armored it lacks manoeuvrability and defensive weapons, it is wise to consider deploying it with an offensive escort.

After the Rat Pack deploys its troops, it must return to the Recycler or a Barracks to obtain more. The soldiers, meanwhile, will continue to attack only their target until it is destroyed - or they are wiped out. Any survivors will attempt to return to their base.

As with most vehicles, the APC can be piloted by the player. Should the player choose to do this, they must target an enemy target before deploying troops.



  • 8m/s maximum forward velocity
  • 8m/s maximum reverse velocity
  • 8m/s maximum lateral velocity
  • 90°/s maximum rotation


  • 50mm EDD armour


  • Unarmed

Variants Edit

Black Dog Rat Pack Edit

Unarmed, and vulnerable without an escort, despite its thick armor. Each APC carries five soldiers as standard, who can be deployed at a moment’s notice.

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