NSDF BD-12X Light Assault Vehicle
Bvrdev render
Faction: NSDF Black Dog Squadron
Name: NSDF BD-12X Light Assault Vehicle
Codename: Red Devil
Vehicle Type: Prototype
Built By: Recycler

Health: 2000
Ammo: 1500
Built Time: 7s
Scrap Cost: 6

P cannon 1 TAG Cannon
P missile 1 Thermal Hornet
P special 1
P mortar 1

The Red Devil was nearing the end of testing at Luna by the time it entered use on Ganymede. It had performed outstandingly in testing and had six weeks of field-testing to go before it was due to enter full production and replace the Razor.

The Red Devil is helped in close-quarter dogfights by its high speed and heavy armament. Its distinctive red markings make it easily recognizable in battle and confusing to the CCA.

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