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Sample Mission Scripts
Developer: Brad Pickering
Publisher: Pandemic Studios
Date: 2000-01-11
Updated: 2000-01-18

The Sample Mission Scripts is a set of files created to help mapmakers create Singleplayer mission scripts in C++ using Visual Studio 6. As such it is considered a companion to the later 3-Pack DLL Sourcecode, and a predecessor to the DLL Source Pack released with 1.3 Patch.

Aside from the required shared components for singleplayer missions, the pack also includes a sample mission labelled "BTest" that requires the player to survive for five minutes against a respawning Sentry.

The pack was first released on November 11th 2000, but was updated to include Visual Studio 5.0 compatibility after Pickering was alerted to the possibility by Bob Stewart.[1]

References Edit

  1. Sample Mission Scripts, readme.txt

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