Scion Scout
Fvscout grid
Faction: Scion
Name: Scout
Built By: Matriarch

Health: 1200
Ammo: 2000
Built Time: 7s
Scrap Cost: 55
Scrap Value: 10

P cannon 1 Plasma Cannon (Scion)
P special 1 Solar Flare
P shield 1


Light and manoeuvrable, the Scion Scout is a quick moving craft armed with the Plasma cannon. With it's advanced morphing abilities, it allows the scout multiple roles in combat. Typically armed with a Plasma Cannon, it can prove to be very effective as a screening unit and in lightning raids. With its morphing ability, it can also use plasma stream to great effect on heavier targets, though this should not be done unless the area is cleared of other enemy battle craft.



  • Hover propulsion
  • High/medium speed


  • Heavy armour


  • Cannon
  • Special
  • Shield

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