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For the other NSDF fighter, see Air Striker.
NSDF Striker
Avstrk render
Faction: NSDF
Name: Striker

The Striker is a fast-moving NSDF fighter craft, designed as a counterpart for the CCA fighter of the same name and apparently based on the Razor. Unlike its companion the Air Striker it was designed to be launched using a zero-length launch system from the tracked Striker launcher, allowing for faster scrambling and more tactical launch positioning.

The Striker appears to be designed to wield much lighter armament than the Air Striker, indicating that it was lightly intended for dogfighting, or supporting the Air Striker as it assaulted enemy emplacements.

Fate Edit

Engine limitations led to the removal of aircraft from Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs, as the game's AI proved unable to account for the verticality required.

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