NSDF TU8 Supply Launch
Avslf render
Faction: NSDF
Name: Supply Launch Facility
Codename: Armory
Built By: Recycler

Health: 8000
Build Time: 10s
Scrap Cost: 8

The Supply Launch Facility - more simply referred to as the Armory - is used by the NSDF to provide supplies and support to units in the field.

Description Edit

The SLF is built by the Recycler as a vehicle and needs to deploy on a Geyser to function. Once deployed, it can - for a small scrap cost - produce weapons and utilities as they are required. These supplies are delivered to the required location on the battlefield through the use of a weighted catapult that literally throws them across the battlefield.[1]

Alongside the production of most available weapons and service pods, the Supply Launch Facility is also capable of deploying NAV Cameras into the field, and is the only method of launching Day Wreckers available to the NSDF.[2]



  • 15m/s maximum forward velocity (undeployed only)
  • 15m/s maximum reverse velocity (undeployed only)
  • 15m/s maximum lateral velocity (undeployed only)


  • 100mm EDD armour

Construction Menu Edit

Repair Pod · Ammo Pod · Nav Camera · Day Wrecker
Cannons Standard Minigun · AT-Stabber · SP-Stabber · MAG · Flash Cannon · Blast Cannon (Black Dog only) · Bolt Buddy (Black Dog only)
Rockets Shadow Missile · Thermal Hornet · Comet Cruise · TAG Cannon · Sandbag · Rocket Bomb
Mortars Standard Mortar · Manual Detonation Mortar · Pop Gun · Splinter
Special Weapons Solar Flare · M-Curtain Mine · MITS · Proximity Mine · Thumper · RED-Field Generator · Phantom VIR · SITE Camera · MAS Grenade (Black Dog only)[3]

Trivia Edit

The Rise of the Black Dogs manual suggests the armory provides pilots in the same manner as the Mobile Unit Factory, but this is incorrect.[4]

References Edit

  1. Battlezone Manual
  2. Battlezone (1998)
  3. Battlezone: The Red Odyssey
  4. Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs Manual, page 26

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