Ubtart render
Name: Tartarus
Type: Prison Facility
Faction: United Cthonians
Location: Titan

Health: 7000

The Tartarus is a Cthonian structure encountered on Titan by the NSDF and CCA during United We Fight - United We Die.

Description Edit

The Tartarus is discovered on Titan by Jason Bates during an emergency scrap-gathering operation prompted by the recreation of the Furies. He identifies it as a prison facility constructed by the combined efforts of the Olympian Council and Hadean Crown,[1] and is advised to stay away by both Corporal Buzz and General Collins.[2][3] The prison's contents are unknown, but its construction by both Cthonian factions suggests it may be related to the Furies.

Trivia Edit

  • The Tartarus' defense grid, which the information discovered by Bates claims will activate if the structure is tampered with, cannot actually be triggered. The facility can be destroyed relatively easily.

Appearances Edit

References Edit

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