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The Skulls of War
Developer: "Goomba"
Release Date: TBA
Period: Early 1970s

The Skulls of War is an in-progress mod developed by Goomba announced in March 2013.[1] It currently has no release date. Most of the content created for the project was lost in a hard-drive failure in early 2014, forcing Goomba to recreate most of the assets; this slowed progress and resulted in significant changes in plans for the mod, though the precise nature of these changes remains unknown.[2]

Details Edit

The mod follows a group of NSDF Black Dogs who mutiny and split from the main force to fight the CRA on their own using stolen and scavenged equipment. Their main battle tank, a variation on the Black Dog Grizzly, carries less ammo in exchange for slightly more armor.

Features Edit

Screenshots Edit

References Edit

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