NSDF B74CT Bomber
Avhraz render
Faction: NSDF Bomber
Name: NSDF B74CT
Codename: Thunderbolt
Vehicle Type: Heavy Strike Cruiser
Built By: Unit Factory

Health: 2500
Ammo: 1500
Build Time: 15s
Scrap Cost: 9

P cannon 1
P missile 1 Rocket Bomb
P missile 1 Rocket Bomb
NSDF B74CT-BD Bomber
Bvhraz render
Faction: NSDF Black Dogs
Codename: Thunderbolt
Vehicle Type: Heavy Strike Cruiser
Built By: Unit Factory

Description Edit

The Thunderbolt is one of the most powerful vehicles in NSDF service. Chico Aerospace developed the bomber to perform as a fast-strike cruiser, able to eliminate primary targets before enemy defence units can provide support. In standard configuration, it carries two of the potent BFE9 “Fire-and-Forget” Rocket Bombs for single salvo attacks against heavily armoured targets such as barracks, Recyclers, and supply facilities. Because of its armament, the Thunderbolt is not well suited to extended mêlées and should be given ample support if it is likely to come in contact with enemy fighters on an attack run.

The Thunderbolt is very heavy and slow, aptly named the Bomber due to its destructive load-out. It's sole weapons are a pair of missle launchers that fire a slow, but extremly powerful rocket. A direct hit by a single salvo from a Thunderbolt is enough to disable most vehicles, if not outright destroy them, but this awesome vehicle has it's drawbacks. The turning rate is dreadfully slow, making it unfit for dogfights, meaning it is best used after hostile offensive units are eliminated, where it can it can level an enemy HQ with ease.

Attributes Edit

Avhra spin


  • 25m/s maximum forward velocity
  • 15m/s maximum reverse velocity
  • 10m/s maximum lateral velocity
  • 60°/s maximum rotation

Equipment Edit

  • 20mm EDD armour
  • 1900 ammunition cells

Weapons Edit

  • Rockets (2)
  • Cannon

Variants Edit

Multiplayer Edit

The multiplayer-variant Thunderbolt is equipped with a SITE Camera instead of a cannon.

Black Dog Thunderbolt Edit

Equally heavily armed as its standard NSDF counterpart, with twin Rocket launchers as standard, the Black Dog variant of the Thunderbolt is easily recognizable by its shark nose markings.

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