This timeline details all known events from the Cthonian biometal war over 2000 years ago. Information about this conflict is scarce and hard to come by, most of it being found on the relics of Cthonian weapons and vehicles.

3237 NREdit

Nexus V develops the Flash Cannon.

3238 NREdit

Nexus V develops the Splinter mortar as a part of his Mass Destruction program.

3239 NREdit

Nexus V creates the Devastator mortar, later known as the Day Wrecker, and uses it against the Olympian forces at the Atlantis outpost. There are no survivors but Nexus declares the battle a victory regardless.

3240 NREdit

The Hadean scientist Canis develops the Pop Gun mortar after being commissioned to design a more user-friendly weapon, the first recorded use of the weapon being at the battle of Manox.

3241 NREdit

Paternus creates the MAG magnetic accelerator cannon, first used during the Kelarin campaign to retake Cydonia.

Nexus V develops the MAS Grenade holographic imprinter, first used during the Chanden Massacre where Hadean forces utterly defeated the Olympians.

Paternus creates the Comet Cruise missile, using it against Hadean forces at Argus, levelling the city and killing approximately two million Hadeans. The excessive loss of life deeply saddens Paternus and he vows to never produce such a destructive weapon ever again.

3242 NREdit

Paternus develops the TAG automated targeting gun, this being the first indication of Paternus' philosophical shift into manufacturing more humane weapons of war.

3245 NREdit

The Theta1 warship is created. As a part of the Hercules Brigade the Theta1 sees conflict up until the Furies invasion of Icarus.

3248 NREdit

Paternus develops the M-Curtain mine, this being the first known passive weapon that he has created.

3249 NREdit

Paternus creates the MITS mine.

3252 NREdit

Paternus creates the HAVOC navigational disruptor cannon, first used in the defense of the Lemnos facility.

3254 NREdit

Paternus creates the Sandbag tethering snare missile.

3255 NREdit

Paternus develops the RED radar echo dampening field generator for use in the Antinus campaign to take Venus.

3256 NREdit

Paternus creates the Phantom VIR visual image refractor, used during Nexus’ first assault on Olympus.

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