Scion Titan
Fvatank grid
Faction: Scion
Name: Titan
Built By: Forge
Requirements: Forge, Overseer

Scrap Cost: 90

P cannon 1 Arc Cannon x2
P gun 1 Ion Gun x2


The Scion Titan has awesome destructive force against almost any other unit. It is typically armed with two powerful arc cannons, a distinctive Scion weapon which fires what is essentially several bolts of lightning at any craft. This blast is so powerful it is able to temporarily disorient the biometal in a craft, rendering the pilot inside temporarily handicapped, and allowing for further shots to be fired by either the titan itself or other support craft.

Due to its slow speed and tracks, it is often critical to have some supporting vehicles nearby Titans so as to ensure its full firepower can be brought to bare on the enemy and it does not get caught up in dog fights with faster, more agile craft which could possibly outmaneuver the unwieldy tank and destroy it if in big enough numbers.



  • Tracked
  • Low speed


  • Heavy armour


  • Cannons (2)
  • Guns (2)

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