Uncle Avatar Discovers Ancient Recordings is an exploratory meta-story written by Llulla as a spin-off from Uncle Avatar's Storytime. Feeling that Avatar's writings came too close to explaining the origins of biometal, Llulla wished to express the opinion that biometal should not be a created matter. The result of this idea was an opposing theory describing biometal as a materia prima that exists independently of intelligent life.[1]

Synopsis Edit

In his research of the Old Ones, Uncle Avatar discovers the head of a Terminator BFG1000 combat android from the first war. He discovers that a partially damaged computer chip within, containing recordings from "before the beginning".

These recordings claim that a strange matter is naturally created and dispersed in all directions from the center of the universe. This matter changes form continuously, appearing as gas clouds, comets or biometalloids, and is spread throughout the galaxy by its contact with other cosmic bodies. Life, when it occurs, always occurs near traces of the matter.

The Old Ones, upon studying the material at the molecular level, discover that it contains the basic components of both organic matter and inorganic elements. Through this, they eventually gain the ability to combine the matter with anything, and their research expands to explain that the material is directly responsible for the formation of life. They find that abundances of the material coalesce into a semi-liquid state, and christen it "biometal". They reach the conclusion that biometal can be used in almost limitless genetic engineering.

Explanation Edit

Llulla felt that, should the various races of the expanded universe were to gain the ability to manufacture biometal on their own, the inevitable different versions of the material would become incompatible and that natural sources such as biometal pools would become redundant, and that this did not sufficiently explain the presence of biometal on planets or moons where there was no evidence of intelligent life. With this in mind, and the idea that biometal is capable of exhibiting phenomena outside the existing technological limits of the races that discover it, Llulla came to the conclusion that the only possible explanation was that biometal had to predate all of them.[2]

References Edit

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