Wind Power Plant

Abwpow redux

Abwpow render

Faction: NSDF
Name: Wind Power Plant
Built By: Constructor

Scrap Cost: 6
Hit Points: 2000
Range: 100m

The NSDF's Wind Power Plant provides power across a 100 meter radius.


The Wind Power Plant is the NSDF's power generator of choice on Titan and Mars. It is more expensive than the default Solar Power Plant and has more hit-points, though not as many for the increase in cost as the Lightning Power Plant.


Be forewarned that the Wind Power Plant is the least cost-efficient of the NSDF's power generators, providing barely 330 hit points per unit of scrap required.

Wind Power Plants need careful monitoring if placed in an outlying area where they may be vulnerable to enemy attack. Their shape makes them far more difficult to attack in profile, so they are best placed with some form of protection to their north and south sides. Despite the provided in-universe literature, wind power generators will actually function exactly the same way on all worlds despite the absence of atmosphere.


Despite being ineffective on worlds with no atmosphere the wind power plant is seen on the moon at The Playground.

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