Cvwalk render
Faction: CRA
Name: Yeren
Vehicle Type: Walker
Built By: Unit Factory

Scrap Cost: 15

P cannon 1 Blast Cannon
P cannon 1 Blast Cannon
P mortar 1 Manual Detonation Mortar

The Yeren is based on a Golem liberated from the CCA, with only its paintjob to distinguish it.


Chinese Red Army
Producers Recycler · Factory · Armory · Constructor
Utility Monkey · Ox
Defense Adder · Archer · Khan
Offense Mongoose (Weasel) · Yeti (Kaksha) · Naga · Dragon · Panda · Phoenix (Unix) · Emperor (Chancellor · Regent) · Yeren
Buildings Solar Power Plant · Lightning Power Plant · Wind Power Plant · Gun Tower · Barracks · Scrap Silo · Communication Tower · Supply Depot · Repair Hangar · Launch Pad · Pegasus Device
Events Red Odyssey
Locations Ganymede · Elysium

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